August 14, 2020

As the 2020 presidential election finally gets underway, Trump’s attacks on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have already taken an ugly turn. It’s not enough to cast doubt on our election system but he’s starting a birther attack on Kamala. And now, he’s publicly declaring to block any fiscal help to the postal system because he wants us all to doubt the reliability of the US mail system, especially as it pertains to mail-in votes. He and his GOP cronies think we’re all as stupid as he is. And if that’s not bad enough, Trump is already hinting at what will happen if he loses the election: For starters, he won’t go quietly into the night with any semblance of dignity. In other news: Facebook finally realizes their platform had a lot to do with swaying the 2016 vote. Now, they’re doing something about it; Hollywood and Latinos are still proving to be an ‘odd couple’; and Did you hear what happened at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico? Go beyond the headlines…

Trump admits he’s blocking postal cash to stop mail-in votes

National Urban League finds Blacks and Latinos four times more likely than whites to be hospitalized for COVID-19

Latinos’ Degree Completion Increases; Equity Gaps Remain

A Girl Fleeing The Men Who Raped Her Came To The US Seeking Protection, But ICE Quickly Sent Her Back

Facebook Takes Steps Against Misinformation Ahead of U.S. Election

Hollywood Is missing out on U.S. Latino, Latinx representation, in front and behind the camera

Artificial Intelligence Examines Best Ways To Keep Parolees From Recommitting Crimes

Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico suffers serious damage after cable breaks

New App Offers Virtual Tour of Enslaved African American History at UVA

How U.S. immigration policy affects fate of migrants braving Central America’s deadly Darien Gap

Mexico to keep US border closed to non-essential travel

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