August 12, 2020

While many are celebrating Vice-President Biden’s selection of Sen. Kamala Harris as his VP choice, headlines underscore how life is propelling forward with a renewed sensitivity of oppressive policies, discriminatory practices and blatant racist attitudes. For example, Facebook finally bans something long overdue in its address from the social media giant; Puerto Rico’s fiasco primary has many experts worried if it was something worse than basic ineptitude; Black Lives Matters protests spurred another type of ‘protest’ that many hope will make a difference in November; and Hundreds of women and girls have disappeared in Peru during the virus lockdown. Now, authorities are asking what happened? Go beyond the headlines…

Facebook bans racist depictions of Jews and Black people

Protests Against Police Brutality Boosted Democratic Voter Registrations

Puerto Rico’s chaotic and unfinished primary spurs voter suppression concerns

Poor People’s Campaign eyes low-income voters in 13 states

Excluding Undocumented Immigrants From Stimulus Funds Cost $10 Billion In Economic Activity

These Are the 24 Jobs You Are Most Likely to Lose

EPA ‘double standard’ puts more than 35,000 kids at risk for lead poisoning

This new app offsets your carbon footprint, then helps you shrink it

Bogotá Is Building its Future Around Bikes

Hundreds of Peru women, girls gone missing during virus lockdown

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