August 16, 2022

World leaders are nervously watching the unraveling relationship between the US and Russia, as well as with China. Worries are mounting over the threat of a nuclear war, with a new study that shows exactly the global ramifications. One of those ramifications is a global famine but analysts say we don’t have to wait for a nuclear war for a global food crisis to happen. It’s closer than we realize; Homebuilders are saying we are in a housing recession already. Yet, rents continue to soar and there’s a reason why; Arizona, Nevada and Mexico are bracing for some bad news. They just don’t know how bad; Scientists discover there’s actually something we can do to make our pills work faster in our bodies; and 5 apps to use to save on back-to-school purchases. Go beyond the headlines…

The world food crisis is about to get worse

Why rents are soaring pretty much everywhere in the U.S.

How Democrats And Republicans Think Differently About Crime And Gun Violence

Colorado River cuts expected for Arizona, Nevada and Mexico

Inside the Massive Effort to Change the Way Kids Are Taught to Read

Want your pills to work faster? Posture matters

Nuclear war would cause a global famine and kill billions, study finds

Save on back-to-school using 5 apps

Michoacán program promotes the sound of song over that of bullets

Child Care Shortage Soars to Crisis Levels in Argentina

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