August 17, 2022

As the Ukrainian war enters its sixth month, new reports are surfacing when US officials first learned about Russia’s invasion plans and how it proved to be an uphill battle to convince Ukraine officials that war was coming; For a second month, anti-immigrant advocates got some welcome news; More than ever, the realization is dawning that our democracy is in danger and the only way to steer it back on course is from the polls. To that end, the NBA is trailblazing a move that (we predict) more organizations will follow; A GOP dating app?; and Nutritionists say most Americans are missing this vital vitamin from their daily diets. Go beyond the headlines…

U.S. Uncovered Putin’s Secret Plans for Ukraine War: Report

Border apprehensions fall for second month

Poll: Abortion enters top 5 Latino issues

EXPLAINER: Winners, losers in water cuts for Western states

To encourage fans to vote, the NBA won’t hold games on Election Day

Most American diets need more Vitamin E

Today’s Heat Waves Feel A Lot Hotter Than Heat Index Implies

New GOP Dating App The Right Stuff Can’t Figure Out If Pronouns Are Necessary Or Not

Thousands celebrate 100th anniversary of Mennonites’ arrival in Mexico

Ecuador city declares state of emergency amid dramatic rise in gang bombings

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