August 18, 2020

The morning after the first night of the Democratic Party’s virtual convention has left many of us with hope — and fear. When you have staunch Republicans advocating for the Democratic nominee, it sends shivers, or it should, down everyone’s spines that the man elected in the last presidential election is worse than just being a partisan president, but that he’s a BAD man. And it’s not just high-profile Republican politicians who are stepping over the ‘fence’ to get him out of the White House but now, current and former White House officials are doing the same thing; Latinos continue to fall from exposure to COVID-19, and according to a new study, it’s something Latinos can’t control; and An interesting study explains why some people may turn extremist in their views. The moral — everyone needs a friend. Go beyond the headlines…

Unknown administration official who wrote book trashing Trump says a second term will mean “a nation undone” and urges votes for Biden

Latinos downgrade Trump on coronavirus response, kick up Biden support, poll shows

CDC Study Finds Hispanics Hit Disproportionately Hard By Workplace Outbreaks

Single adults from Mexico driving rise in illegal border crossings

Changing the Federal Reserve mandate could provide a down payment to ending racial inequality

Desire to be in a group leads to harsher judgment of others: study

More than half of world’s oceans already being affected by climate change

Saving Retail And The New App Revolutionizing In-Store Data To Do So

Dollar stores return to Cuba as pandemic destroys tourism revenue

Indigenous protesters in Brazil demand COVID-19 protection

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