August 19, 2020

A new bipartisan Senate report reveals how Trump and his close allies actually did what the Mueller Report found – and lied under oath to protect themselves from being discovered for having contact with the Russians during the 2016 campaign. The much bigger question is: So what will be done? In other news: HUD is finally stepping up to avoid a potentially major crisis in the US; Someone is keeping track how Trump admin has altered US immigration; Gloria Steinem reflects on how far women have come and what work is still undone; and How one woman is helping the street children of one Mexican town. Go beyond the headlines…

HUD to extend foreclosure ban protecting 8.1 million people until 2021

Here’s how President Donald Trump has altered immigration in the US

Racism in cities harms animals and the environment, too

The journey of a kids book startup that tackles topics like racism, cancer and divorce

A century after 19th Amendment, Gloria Steinem on what challenges remain

30 new deep-sea invertebrate species discovered near the Galapagos

Read Thousands of Abraham Lincoln’s Newly Transcribed Letters Online

Pre-work health screening app to help stop COVID spread

Volunteers in Querétaro, Mexico give classes in the street to kids without TV, internet

How Colombia’s mass media helped terrorize people into voting for Uribe

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