August 22, 2022

A new week brings more of the same ‘dilemmas’ we’ve been facing: extreme weather, increasing inflation, rising global tensions, extreme politicians, tightening economy, rising poverty, food insecurity, drought and downright cruel vitriol spewing from those who worship Trump, the most corrupt man to ever reside in the Oval Office. And yet, what hope do we have? The hope resides in each of us to change the course of this country, national discourse and the most basic, how we treat one another and create a more just system for everyone. Go beyond the headlines…

US supreme court backs Black voters challenging Georgia election rules

Why the rental housing market is so deeply broken

The IRS could be on the verge of changing the way Americans file their taxes

New breed of video sites thrive on misinformation and hate

Hispanic Americans’ Suicide Rates Are Rising

Late-stage cervical cancer cases are on the rise

Study: Сollapse of ancient Mayan capital linked to drought

New AI-Powered App Could Boost Smartphone Battery Life by 30%

Mexico’s president calls on LatAm leaders to urge halt to ‘interventionism’ by Canada, US

This country calls time on the ‘war on drugs’

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