August 19, 2022

At this time, our country is wracked with hate. We have a small, vitriolic vocal group of people who want everyone to believe as they do. They’ve been successful in getting schools to pull book titles that show readers a balanced view of who we are as a nation and society. They’ve been successful in getting state legislatures to ‘whitewash’ US history and laws to conform to their distorted view of reality. They have been successful in driving out people from public office who put public duty above self-serving and corrupt ambitions and they have been successful in swaying minds to embrace lies as truth. We are fast approaching a dire tipping point, not just for our democracy, but for our future as a free nation and one that was globally admired and emulated. It’s up to us in the next couple of years to either fight for our way of life, for our children’s sake, or surrender to this vitriol. To this end, Biden plans to host a special summit that hopes to change the course of our country’s direction; San Francisco officials make a scary prediction about Latino homelessness; NASA says it’s going “full force” to investigate something they used to threaten their astronauts to never talk about; a Spanish Stonehenge discovered; and Climate change has the potential to disrupt one of the most important supply chain areas in Central America. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden to host unity summit against hate-fueled violence

U.S. Now Has a Third of the World’s Monkeypox Cases

The 4 major criminal probes into Donald Trump, explained

20K People Will Experience Homelessness in SF This Year, With the Latino Unhoused Population Surging

A foolproof roadmap for early success

NASA Will Now Go ‘Full Force’ Investigating UFOs, Agency Says

‘Spanish Stonehenge’ emerges from drought-hit dam

New mobile app lets creators record ‘infinite length’ video collabs

2-mile sawdust carpet in Tlaxcala sets new world record

Panama Canal grapples with climate change threat

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