August 24, 2022

Last night, voters in a few states went to the polls. The one big takeaway is not good news for the GOP; As Ukraine braces for another Russian invasion, they’re celebrating; We all know that the Pentagon is (gradually) admitting UFOs (UAPs) exist. Now, Congress is declaring an urgency to investigate; Could it be true? Is Tex-Mex on its last sizzle?; and Creative entrepreneurs are renting out their possessions to make a few bucks. Now, comes an app that lets you rent out one more room in your house, and it’s not the bedroom. Go beyond the headlines…

What Went Down In New York, Florida And Oklahoma’s Elections

Ukraine marks Independence Day six months after start of war

Congress Admits UFOs Not ‘Man-Made,’ Says ‘Threats’ Increasing ‘Exponentially’

Young adults are using marijuana and hallucinogens at the highest rates on record

The death of Tex-Mex as we know it

Giant Dinosaur Not Seen for 70 Million Years Discovered in New Mexico

Your Next Wooden Chair Could Arrive Flat, Then Dry Into A 3D Shape

New app lets you rent out your kitchen

Mexico: Historian warns second Morelos river is in danger of disappearing

Latin America’s economy reported to be slowing down

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