August 25, 2022

The Biden admin delivered on their promise of forgiving a portion of student debt. It’s a sad commentary on those critics who feel student debtors are somehow cheating the system when those same critics applauded tax breaks to the wealthy and big corporations for cheating the system by not paying their full share, if any, taxes. What a lopsided world we live in; No doubt everybody is out to make a buck and exploit our inflationary times. Maybe that explains what’s happening in the private healthcare sector; Ever wonder what makes a person believe, almost obsessively, conspiracy theories? Scientists discovered a reason for it; Violence in Mexico is getting so bad that Google Maps is now offering this service; and Nicaragua’s president takes another step towards a dictatorship. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden issues new rule to protect program for young immigrants

Big new student loan forgiveness plan, explained

Health prices rising much faster in the private sector than Medicare

A Texas School District Just Voted To Ban Talking About Trans People

Almost half of Latino student loan debt is expected to be forgiven under Biden

Most People Who Have Near-Death Experiences Report the Same Thing After

Why narcissists are more likely than others to believe in conspiracy theories

Shuffles, Pinterest’s invite-only collage-making app, is blowing up on TikTok — here’s how to get in

Google Maps offers crime zone warnings for drivers in Puebla, Mexico

Nicaragua’s President Ortega to build cultural center in occupied building of critical newspaper

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