August 25, 2020

It used to be that those of us who disagreed with GOP policies could still enjoy watching the Republican National Convention (RNC). The delegates’ over-the-top ‘patriotic’ outfits and passion for a good time made it an entertaining watch. Not last night. Instead of a night selling a nationwide electorate reasons to vote for Trump, it felt more like a sinister pep talk getting troops ready to fight a battle in case November doesn’t go their way. Nothing hopeful, uplifting or positive from the majority of the speakers. How bad was it? It’s pretty bad when most networks felt the need to fact-check the RNC throughout the night. As one headline read: “First night of the Republican National Convention features more dishonesty than four nights of DNC;” It seems both parties have identified a segment of the greater Latino community that could be the new “sleeping elephant; ” Pew finds that more legislators are using Latinx term, except for these legislators; and Finally, there is some hope. With our eyes trained on the International Space Station, one person says it’s time for an earthly equivalent in the sea. Go beyond the headlines…

Fact check: First night of the Republican National Convention features more dishonesty than four nights of DNC

Calling Colombians: With Florida In Play, Trump And Biden Reach Out To A Latino ‘Sleeping Elephant’

Black and Latino voters wary of mail-in voting

‘Make Farmers Black Again’: African Americans Fight Discrimination To Own Farmland

Rising share of lawmakers – but few Republicans – are using the term Latinx on social media

Scientists Now Finding Traces of Plastic in Human Flesh

Jacques Cousteau’s grandson wants to build the international space station of the sea

Smartphone app can predict asthma deterioration by measuring night-time coughing

Latin American women are disappearing and dying under lockdown

Brazil is not letting Doctors Without Borders help Indigenous tribes against COVID-19

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