August 24, 2020

If the Trump White House issues policy with white supremacy overtones and spouts rhetoric associated with the hateful group, chances are there are white supremacists IN the White House, not counting Trump. So, a new accusation about the child separations conducted by this administration should not be surprising; Is the 2020 presidential election going to be unlike any other in history? Some lay out what to expect; What Tennessee just did that imperils voting rights; and Another public health crisis is a ‘biting’ reminder that we face multiple dangers in today’s world. Go beyond the headlines…

‘White supremacy’ was behind child separations — and Trump officials went along, critics say

This Election Is Going To Be Completely Different. Here’s What To Expect.

We’ll be stuck in this economic slump for years, economists say

New Tennessee Law Severely Sharpens Punishments for Some Protesters, Potentially Endangering Their Voting Rights

Segregated parks linked to higher COVID-19 deaths for Black and Latino Americans

The public health crisis you may not know about: snakebites

‘Selfies’ Could Be Used To Detect Heart Disease

Pair create pre-styled box of “waist-up” accessories for customers’ Zoom meetings

Mexico’s indigenous populations bearing brunt of Covid-19 pandemic

Colombia Accuses Venezuela’s Maduro of Trying to Buy Missiles from Iran

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