August 25, 2021

The Supreme Court just flexed their partisan muscle and it’s not good for asylum seekers; The CDC lays out the bare facts of just how likely the unvaccinated are likely to be hospitalized and the odds would make Vegas high-rollers surrender; Bias, unfortunately, exists in all sectors of society and no wonder this algorithm has incorporated that bias; Scientists just detected troubling movement near Honolulu, and it’s not the tourists; and A would-be political opponent to Mexico’s president flees to fight from afar while leveling disappointing accusations. Go beyond the headlines…

Supreme Court orders Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy reinstated

Unvaccinated 29 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19, CDC study says

The secret bias hidden in mortgage-approval algorithms

Students from struggling economic backgrounds sent home with food for the weekend have improved test scores, study finds

Hispanic caucus calls for Fort Hood to be renamed in honor of Mexican American general

Scientists detect earthquake swarm at Hawaii volcano

Thousands of sand dollars mysteriously wash ashore in Oregon in ‘mass die-off’

AI vision tech detects inefficient construction processes

Would-be presidential candidate fleeing Mexico, claims political persecution by Mexico’s President López Obrador

Researcher helps collect key data to establish nine new protected areas in Peru

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