August 27, 2021

For the first time since he was sworn into office in January, (only 8 months ago!), over 50 percent of Americans disapprove of President Biden’s job performance. No doubt, the majority of that disappointment stems from the administration’s handling of American exit from Afghanistan. Yet, there are some issues that are out of Biden’s control. For instance, for a second time, the Supreme Court has ruled against Biden; Riddle: How does a growing Arizona town, majority Latino, square with Census data saying they’re shrinking? and Scientists discover a previously unknown species of humans. Go beyond the headlines…

Supreme Court halts Biden eviction moratorium

Latino city in Arizona grew, but census says it shrank

Over 6,000 migrants in Mexico have been violently attacked

Racial income and wealth gaps are huge – but the Fed doesn’t have the right tools to fix them

Women of color and LGBTQ+ people are taking on the invisible work of the vaccination effort

Ancient DNA from a teen girl reveals previously unknown group of humans

Up to 95% of Earth’s oceans could be less hospitable to life by end of century unless carbon emissions curbed, scientists warn

Wearable tech for your ears: ‘Hearables’ can teach you a language or music with the help of AI

Puebla town’s newest restaurant offers a twist: Mexican food from Arizona

Human Remains From the Chilean Desert Reveal Its First Farmers Fought to the Death

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