August 30, 2022

One of the most vile intentions of extreme conservatives in forcing their legislative and idealogical agenda down the throats of Americans is how they’ve written into the laws financial rewards for those who spy and report against their neighbors and family members. It makes sense that businesses would be created to exploit this intent, and it’s refreshing to see an administration have Americans’ backs when it comes to defending against these leeches of society; Did Trump already share classified info he stole from the White House? Many think so; DC Comics fans are not happy with how Latino superheroes are being honored on the page; Scientists create the first underwater messaging app for smartphones; The Webb telescope just photographed another spellbinding image from deep space; and Ford México releases first car made by women and it’s ahead of its time on so many levels. Go beyond the headlines…

U.S. government sues Idaho data company it says tracks people at abortion clinics

Ex-Trump Attorney Warns Trump May Have Already ‘Given Away’ Sensitive Info

The nutritional supplements industry is booming, but experts warn it presents risks

For job searchers, $20 per hour is the new $15

DC Comics reduces Latinos to their food in Hispanic Heritage Month covers, fans say

What’s going on with the Greenland ice sheet? It’s losing ice faster than forecast and now irreversibly committed to at least 10 inches of sea level rise

Extraordinary Phenomenon in Space Captured by Spellbinding New Image

Researchers bring first underwater messaging app to smartphones

Cubans flee island’s economic woes by air, land and sea

Ford México celebrates first car to be made only by women

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