August 29, 2022

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of ‘legacy’ politicians. You know, those political dynasties where politicians, some involving members of the same family, who get elected to office in their 30s and don’t leave until they are way past their prime. Now, election stats are showing that this practice is being upended. In an ordinary political climate, that wouldn’t be a bad thing: fresher faces, wider diversity of perspectives, a disruption of potential political corruption and a greater, call it idealistic, approach to public service used to be found with those new politicians who upset incumbents. Unfortunately, that’s not the case in these times where Trump loyalists are determined to seize control of the country to gift to Trump, and his crony allies — and some American voters are giving them that power. These supporters of the former president are drooling over the prospects of a Civil War fought in the streets. Who knows if it will come to that but one thing is certain, for those of us who haven’t been brainwashed to see Trump as some sort of savior, our first line of defense has to be at the voting booth in EVERY election, no matter how small; The quality of our air is getting worse because of climate change. Scientists say there’s one place in the US where breathing the air can literally kill; NASA’s Artemis rocket to the moon, the first in 50 years, is on the launchpad as I’m writing. Whether it launches today or not is the ‘Question of the Day,’ but regardless there is one ‘stellar’ site with everything you want to know about the mission and its future; and Most of us have heard about Duolingo, the app that teaches language with fun and quick lessons. Now, it’s doing the same for kids, or any of us, who are challenged with basic math. Go beyond the headlines…

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