August 30, 2023

Does the USA still embody the “American Dream”? The rampant spread of hateful policies, voter suppression and the undoing of basic Democratic ideals (read democracy, not political party) paints a very different picture. With a new report that shows how hate crimes surged in big US cities in 2022 and Canada has now issued a travel advisory for its LGBTQ citizens visiting the US, and the EPA has removed federal protections for most of the country’s wetlands because of conservatives on the Supreme Court, one has to really wonder. That’s not even taking into account the atrocious laws and bills passed in Texas, where one new law actually says employers don’t have to give water breaks to their workers who labor outside. In what world, in these times, does that make sense?; Thankfully, there are some who are planning for a better future: New city planners feels they can correct racism and help all of us live longer with new approaches, farmers are breeding cows to withstand heat waves and more Americans now see the benefits of labor unions. There is hope for the future, if we can just be patient enough to get there. Go beyond the headlines…

Report: Hate crimes surged in most big cities in 2022

Canada Warns LGBTQ+ Citizens About Visiting US in Travel Advisory Update

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The EPA removes federal protections for most of the country’s wetlands

Study identifies geographic ‘hot spots’ for cigarette, firearm deaths in the US over two decades

Farmers Are Breeding Cows to Withstand Heat Waves

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