August 29, 2023

News reports indicate that the casualties on both sides are mounting in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Rumors have long circulated that Putin forced the enlistment of soldiers and used jailed criminals to shoulder his need for more boots on the ground. Now, a video is surfacing that alleges the depth of Putin’s desperation to keep a military presence in the invasion; US Asians have the highest exposure, among all races, to exposure to this cancer-causing agents; The saying goes that music soothes the savage beast but now scientists find music provides a more therapeutic remedy to our youngest and most vulnerable; Ever debate whether you should take that quick afternoon nap? Researchers say it’s no debate; and Chile is in a ‘state of catastrophe’ that could have ripple effects for everyone. Go beyond the headlines…

It Might Be Possible to Reduce Bias in Kids, New Research Suggests

Putin’s Blackmailing Soldiers Into Fighting in Ukraine War, Video Alleges

Asians in U.S. have highest exposure to cancer-linked ‘forever chemicals’ among all races

A worldwide lithium shortage could come as soon as 2025

ChatGPT plays doctor with 72% success

Music may reduce babies’ pain during jabs or heel-prick tests, study suggests

Short naps can improve memory, increase productivity, reduce stress and promote a healthier heart

Poe’s new desktop app lets you use all the AI chatbots in one place

A “state of catastrophe” in Chile as heavy rains likely caused over $1 bln in agriculture losses

Panama eyes new measures as flow of migrants through Darien Gap hits 300,000 so far this year

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