August 31, 2021

There has been an ongoing (affordable) housing crisis for years, exasperated by the pandemic exodus of urban dwellers to the burbs. Now, that same housing crisis is going to reach momentous proportions, I predict. Connect the dots: thousands lost their homes to Hurricane Ida; thousands are losing their homes to out-of-control wildfires, hundreds lost their homes to floods and thousands of Afghan refugees will be resettled. Not to mention, a new estimate by Goldman Sachs analysts that just put a very real number on how many more people will join the hunt for housing after their evictions. The fact that rental landlords are rubbing their hands together as they envision a big payday for themselves after raising rents to ridiculous levels, which in reality is just a form of price gouging that will fly below the radar and not garner the attention it deserves to combat, speaks volumes to the housing crisis yet to come; The rise in children contracting Covid is alarming and scary for any parent, regardless of which side of the mask debate they’re on, and yet not enough know what to do to get their kids through the toughest part of the illness; Smart clothing just got really smart; and Think you know your Olympic athletes? Meet the greatest Paralympic swimmer of all time. Go beyond the headlines…

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