August 4, 2020

As the days churn towards the November presidential elections, Trump is showing his fear — of voters of color! To suppress our vote, the Trump administration is working overtime. From cutting short the US Census collection dates to a full-scale attack on mail-in voting and purposely slowing down mail delivery, Trump and his allies are leaving no rock unturned. For example, new reporting shows the government has no plans to deliver this vital help to communities of color; Which children are most at risk of returning to school? One guess and the reason why; and Why are so many Americans convinced crime is on the rise? Go beyond the headlines…

U.S. lacks plan for getting vaccine to communities of color devastated by virus

Poor, minority students at dilapidated schools face added risks amid talk of reopening classrooms

Women-focused non-profit newsrooms surge forward in 2020

Many Americans Are Convinced Crime Is Rising In The U.S. They’re Wrong.

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia On Losing His Mother To COVID-19

America’s first female recession

Tired of living in fear, some Latinos are buying guns to feel more safe

Need a summer escape? You can rent out your neighbor’s pool through this new app

Ancient offering found in South America’s lake Titicaca

New Discovery: Freshwater cenotes discovered off coast of Quintana Roo, Mexico

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