July 31, 2020

Though Trump was soundly slapped back for suggesting a delay for the November vote, the fact remains he is in deep political trouble and knows it. So why does his base continue to think he’s the “savior” of the Free World? A new study by Pew may have the answer to that puzzling question; Why did it take the murder of a promising young Latina soldier to resurrect the issue of sexual harassment and assault in the military, when everyone thought this had been addressed?; Rising sea levels are a reality and scientists say a “global flood” is in our not-too-distant future; and Ever wondered how to solve the Rubick’s Cube? There’s an app for that! Go beyond the headlines…

US economy plunged a record 32.9% in Q2 amid statewide shutdowns – what it means

About one in three Latino businesses impacted by COVID-19

How California’s COVID-19 surge widens health inequalities for Black, Latino and low-income residents

Concerns mount over outbreak at immigrant detention center

Vanessa Guillen’s murder prompts veterans to come forward with their stories of sexual assault and abuse

Remembering His Mexican-American Heritage, Rooted In Language — And Under A Tree

Almost 50% of teens report sexual harassment or stalking by partners

Study: US adults who mostly rely on social media for news are less informed, exposed to more conspiracies

A Global Flood Is Coming, And This Is What Scientists Expect It to Look Like

New Rubik’s Official Cube App Solves the World’s Favourite Puzzle

Latin America Deemed Most Dangerous Region For Environmental Activists

Mexico Plans To Make Medicine Free And Centralize Their Distribution

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