August 5, 2020

While Trump touts he’s going to make the suburbs safer for (implied) ‘white’ voters, Biden just released his plan to empower Latinos; Several studies with a Latino-centric focus are highlighting: the coronavirus impact on Latino communities, impact of economic downturn, juvenile justice data and the latest immigration poll among American voters; An enterprising Latino tech entrepreneur in Colorado creates a special app to help the Latinx community; And though the data is increasingly discouraging these days, a group of Mexican, Central American and Caribbean artists banded together to make some very ‘chirpee’ music. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden rolls out plan to empower Latino community

Coronavirus Economic Downturn Has Hit Latinos Especially Hard

A survey conducted by Telemundo and BuzzFeed News found young Latino voters feel both excited and nervous about the presidential election.

Experts: Latino youth ‘invisible’ in juvenile justice data

Americans Back Trump On Immigration — But Only To Stop COVID-19, Poll Finds

Analysis: hundreds of colleges and universities show financial warning signs

New research suggests racism could be a genetic trait

New app Chamba connects people with jobs and employers with workers

Chirp to arms: musicians record album to help conserve endangered birds of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

Mexico Dog Shelter Innovates Solution to Lockdown Loneliness

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