August 4, 2022

Zero tolerance is a common flaw that on the surface seems like a great idea to enforce order and safety, but in reality, if the inevitable nuances aren’t taken into consideration, it devolves good-intentioned ideas into weapons of death and incivility. Case in point, the US Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade. Those who thought it was a gift from God that it happened are quickly discovering it was a ‘trojan’ gift; Is a third political party on the horizon?; White nationalism is on the rise and they have one particular tool of choice for recruitment; So, did scientists just prove Scotland’s legendary Nessie real? Go beyond the headlines…

The DOJ is suing to make sure women who need medically necessary abortions can actually get them

After Supreme Court ruling, it’s open season on US gun laws

Americans are unhappy with politics. But a third party faces an uphill battle

Fueled by virtually unrestricted social media access, white nationalism is on the rise and attracting violent young white men

A key ingredient to flip the House: A wave of Latino GOP candidates

Mammoth bones hint humans were in North America earlier than thought

Plesiosaur fossils found in the Sahara suggest they weren’t just marine animals

Music lovers launch new app

400-year-old Ecuadoran beer resurrected from yeast

Mexico’s Best-Kept Secret Is Zacatecas’s Vibrant Art Scene

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