August 3, 2022

If Republicans thought their archaic and restrictive view of abortion would be a shoo-in for turning more voters to their side, boy, were they wrong! Kansas, one of the most historically conservative states, sent a loud and clear message to their GOP Neanderthal politicians. Now, more voters in other states need to do the same; Ever since the Supreme Court rescinded Roe v. Wade, women have suffered. Yet, a new study shows by just how much; And we thought the housing crisis was because builders weren’t building enough affordable housing, (which is true too) but it seems landlords are playing a bigger part than we all knew; and Ever tired, or petrified, when a semi turns up beside you on the highway? A new startup wants to put cargo trucks in the sky! Go beyond the headlines…

Biden to sign executive order to protect travel for abortion

Kansas voters block effort to ban abortion in state constitutional amendment vote

Women’s wages fall by at least 5% after abortion restrictions, new study finds

How landlords are evading taxes and fueling the housing crisis

Self-compassion makes you a better person. Here’s how to practice it.

Why It’s A Problem That Pulse Oximeters Don’t Work As Well On Patients Of Color

A next-generation hydrogen airship for cargo

Scientists trying to find out why the Arctic is warming faster than the rest of the world

Ancient rulers’ ashes may have been used in the Mayan ballgame

Sinkhole larger than tennis court has Chile perplexed

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