August 9, 2022

The FBI’s raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago surprised everyone and signals that the federal government is coalescing its case against the former president, but what were they looking for; Finally, a bipartisan bill that brought out the ‘warm and fuzzy’ feelings on both sides of the aisle; A NPR poll reveals the full impact of inflation on Latinos and others of color; Don’t miss the last supermoon of the year; and Mexico’s President just did something that makes a lot of people, on both sides of the border, very nervous. Go beyond the headlines…

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home raided by FBI in unprecedented move

Biden to end “Remain in Mexico” border policy after court order

Meanwhile, Congress is set to pass a huge wildlife conservation bill with bipartisan support

Poll: Black, Native American and Latino families face serious problems from inflation

58% of human infectious diseases can be worsened by climate change – we scoured 77,000 studies to map the pathways

Mixed reality headset helps measure forests

Last supermoon of the year — the ‘Sturgeon moon’ rises Aug. 11

Snapchat officially introduces parental controls through a new ‘Family Center’ feature

Mexico’s AMLO to bypass Congress with decree turning over national police to military

Brazilians fear return to dictatorship as ‘deranged’ Bolsonaro trails in polls

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