August 9, 2023

On the surface, yesterday’s vote in Ohio on how many votes it takes to change the state’s Constitution, appeared to have nothing to do with the hot-button issue of abortion. At least, that’s what the state’s GOP party was hoping. It didn’t work. Ohioans soundly rejected the GOP strategy to get their way in state politics. Is Ohio the proverbial canary for 2024 elections?; Russia is running out of money, troops and global support. Now, they’re courting a new ally they hope will help them fight the US; Been using your credit card a little more lately? You’re not alone. US credit card debt now stands at the highest it’s ever been — and that’s not good news; and The largest study ever done on just how much we have to walk to stave off early death revealed findings that have researchers ‘walking back’ past recommendations. Go beyond the headlines…

COVID hospitalizations jump again: Maps show where it’s worst

Russia Courts A New Middle East Ally to Challenge the U.S.

How the pandemic shifted America’s geography of income

US credit card debt tops $1 trillion, overall consumer debt little changed

Black Barbie gets the starring role in a documentary screening in Louisville

Even frozen Antarctica is being walloped by climate extremes, scientists find

World’s largest study shows the more you walk, the lower your risk of death, even if you walk fewer than 5,000 steps

New mobile phone app helps healthcare workers provide comprehensive abortion care

Brazilian president Lula pledges ‘new Amazon dream’ at rainforest summit

Cartels spreading rumors that U.S. will reopen border to asylum-seekers, officials say

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