August 8, 2023

We don’t need a study to show us that the nation is getting more politically divided. We see it and hear it everyday, whether on cable news or in our own communities. The issue is: Are we reaching a ‘tipping point’ in that divide that will be strong enough to tear the fabric, or the illusion, of unity apart?; Did China just tell Russia something they didn’t want to hear or the world something they did want to hear?; Scientists have discovered there’s a reason why older people’s muscles don’t heal as quickly as those of younger patients. The reason is clear. It’s the treatment that will prove to be innovative; Researchers, after analyzing the data, can now predict which airline is more likely to bump you off your flight; At one point or another, everyone calls out to God or Jesus for either help, inspiration, etc. But did you ever want to talk to Jesus and actually get a physical response back? You guessed it. Now, there’s an app for that! Go beyond the headlines…

America’s deepest partisan divides are getting deeper

China tells Russia it will uphold ‘impartial’ position on Ukraine

Drug-resistant killer bugs linked to air pollution, top scientists say

Which airlines are most likely to bump you? DOT data explains

Biden is creating a new national monument near the Grand Canyon

Wearable Ultrasound Scanner Could Detect Breast Cancer Earlier

How muscle cells deteriorate with age, hampering recovery from injury

New AI app lets users ‘text with’ Jesus and other biblical figures

Lost 1,300-Year-Old Mexican Town With Altars and Ballgame Courts Discovered

The journey of drug mules from Peru to Spain: ‘Remember that I can have your family killed’

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