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Creating green roofs in Peru to combat pollution

LatinaLista  — In 2014, the World Health Organization cited Lima, Peru, a city of almost 10 million, as having the worst air pollution in all of Latin America. Since then, various initiatives have been proposed to relieve the health threats that, literally, hang over the heads of Lima's residents.

One company has created a new project that will not only help relieve the pollution in the city but brighten it up too. Dubbed #MiraTuTecho, the campaign, created by Gania, a business dedicated to promoting green spaces on roofs of homes and businesses, is striving to make Lima's residents and businesses understand that their roofs are not just dead spaces to be abandoned, storage spaces for junk and hazardous materials or to hang laundry. 

Gania wants residents to look at their rooftops as potential green spaces that can turn the grey color of Lima into a vibrant green that is not only attractive but is providing a solution to the city's health problems.

"If anything unites us, it's our roofs. It doesn't matter what part of town you're from, many treat their roofs as a place to store all kinds of things, including those things that pose a risk because they're inflammable," said César Meza, marketing director of Gania, in an interview with El Comercio.

The purpose of #MiraTuTecho looks to first create awareness so that people will take action and inspire a cleaning of abandoned rooftops and the throwing away of all the trash. Secondly, there has to be an evaluation on what will be done with the free space.

"Creating a green roof is only one option, but there are many alternatives. It can start with just pots and plants or creating a personal garden," said Meza.


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