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Crowdfunder: Bringing computer skills to the developing world


Campaign: Endless Computers

Almost 5 billion people do not have computers. A computer can mean access to information, health, livelihood, and jobs in our global economy.

It is opportunity, if it can only be accessed.

A few years ago, on a trip to India, the campaign’s creators had an epiphany: If they ran a full desktop operating system on the inexpensive processors that power smartphones, and plugged them into the TVs people already own, they could make a computer that is affordable to more people.

Three years later, they created Endless, a computer, operating system, and ecosystem of applications tailored specifically to users in developing countries.

In the process of building a simple, stable computer, a perfect computer for a grandparent, a child, and anyone in need of an affordable, intuitive device was created.

The software is as simple to use as modern mobile operating systems, with the power of a full desktop OS. The interface, software updates, application installation, localization, the apps themselves, the way data is treated: the whole package was rethought for the target market.

The software is designed to require zero training, to work well in environments without internet and to be super robust.

The product is ready and users already love it. But the target market is hard to reach. What’s needed is the attention of the global press to what early adopters of the Endless have to say.

The campaign’s goal is $100,000 to bring Endless to millions of people throughout Latin America and the rest of the world.

The campaign ends on May 15.

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