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Crowdfunder: Bringing solar showers to the remote Inca in Markuray, Peru

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Campaign: The Into Shower Project

High in the Andes live the poverty-stricken descendants of the Incas. They are an indigenous group with one foot steeped in their unique history and the other foot struggling to keep up with modern-day conveniences and technologies.

One such convenience is showers.

Water for hygiene and drinking literally means the difference between life and death as malnutrition strikes most severely children and adults who don’t have access to clean water.

In turn, malnutrition doesn’t just make people sick and prove fatal, but it affects their daily lives keeping them from attending school or working.

Valeria Calderón, the daughter of a Peruvian father and Argentine mother, saw firsthand the devastating effects of lack of clean water on Andean children. She decided to do something about it.

Calderón founded Operation Little Andean Warriors (OLAW).

OLAW has one mission: to spark human dignity and empower purpose through the right to health and hygiene. With access to this basic necessity children and youth will overcome the fatal effects of poverty, conflict, and disease.

The vision is to create a healthy and happy environment for children with the experience of clean drinking water, warm showers, and safe sanitation facilities.

In an effort to accomplish the OLAW mission, Calderón is striving to build 25 solar showers for the indigenous families of Markuray, Peru.

The campaign’s goal is $15,478 and ends on November 25.

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