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Crowdfunder: Furthering Latino literacy

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Campaign: El BeiSMan

El BeiSMan is a non-profit collective of journalists and educators that produces a bilingual online monthly magazine and short documentaries.

El BeiSMan also publishes books and sponsors workshops and forums on a variety of social and literary issues.

El BeiSMan aims to cultivate a new generation of bilingual community journalists and cultural literacy within the Latino community. Recognizing that Latinos have the lowest literacy and educational rates in the country, El BeiSMan uses traditional, multi-media, and the new social media developments to foster learning as a means of empowering this community and to promote a new culture grounded on critical reading and writing.

Now in existence for over a year, El BeiSMan has grown into an important source of information for the Latino community in Chicago and other parts of the U.S.

Since their inception El BeiSMan has created over 500 original articles, and over 20 original video interviews, and multi-media pieces; El BeiSMan has engaged over 10,000 readers and followers in the Chicago area and beyond in 2014.

The campaign’s goal is to help sustain EL BeiSMan’s goal of cultivating critical reading and learning as a means of empowering community.

Contributions will ensure that El BeiSMan continues to produce thought-provoking and engaging original content, as well as create deeper levels of community engagement through their workshops, forums, and community events.

The campaign’s goal is $10,000 and ends on February 2, 2015.

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