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Crowdfunder: Giving a “lift” to homebound seniors

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Campaign: Urban Excursions-Outings for Homebound Seniors

Polly Bangs is caregiver for her father, Cameron, who moved in with her three years ago and who has dementia. Like many caregivers, she struggled finding resources to help keep her dad active and engaged.

With her own busy work schedule it was often overwhelming finding fun, stimulating outings that would not only give him the quality of life he deserved but that he would be able to handle.

So, Polly came up with Urban Excursions.

Urban Excursions provides weekly social outings designed specifically for seniors but what they’re really all about is creating a safe and engaging community filled with laughter and fun.

What could be more important than quality of life?

Unfortunately, for many seniors, limitations with mobility, the onset of dementia or even loss of old friends creates a social isolation that impacts quality of life and often engenders a fear that leads to even greater isolation.

What has been created is an activity bus for the senior population that continues to live in their own home, the home of their adult children, or in Adult Foster Homes.

The goals of the campaign are to raise $30,000 and provide free outings for a year for 30 home-bound, low-income, seniors and purchase another shuttle bus.

The campaign ends November 21.

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