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Crowdfunder: Helping the victims of Guatemala landslide

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Campaign:  450 missing, 125 houses buried, 131 deaths,36 hurt


Marie Anne Hale is a 24-year-old student at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala and is passionate about her country. On Thursday, October 1, almost 600 people went missing after a massive landslide covered a small town in Guatemala. At least 131 people were killed and hundreds were left without a home.

These past few days, Marie Ann has been helping gathering supplies around town and setting up a collection center in school, but the assistance is not enough. Guatemalans have been organizing aid, but we need your help to save this community.

CONRED (the National Coordination for Disaster Reduction) has two shelters for the refugees. All proceeds (100%) are going directly to these shelters for purchasing medicines, water, food, hygiene products, coffins and construction materials.  




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