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Crowdfunder: Lifting women entrepreneurs UP to create equal opportunity

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Campaign: * Shop From Women is the first e-commerce marketplace for women entrepreneurs. liftUPlift is a tool for the empowerment of women, which makes it fast and easy for every person to work together to create equal opportunity for women worldwide. 

Women are underfunded as entrepreneurs, BUT women have so much purchasing power. By connecting female entrepreneurs with consumers around the world, wome’s purchasing power can be used to close the funding gap.

There is cultural change that needs to happen, as well. That’s why this marketplace also incorporates the functionality of a social network – businesses and consumers create their own profile and can share and comment on posts through a timeline feed.

This social marketplace hybrid was created with the understanding that women are highly influenced in their shopping purchases by the opinions and decisions of their friends. More importantly, it is hoped that meaningful interaction between liftUPlift users will spur the growth of a supportive community, where store owners can provide feedback to one another and inspire more women and girls to take the entrepreneurial leap. 

liftUPlift was founded by Corielle Heath who after meeting a young woman from India was reminded that not all women are free. She inspired Corielle to help as much as possible. liftUPlift gives women a platform to empower themselves and use purchasing power to fund a female renaissance.

The campaign’s goal is $50,000 which will be used towards completing development of liftUPlift, optimizing it for mobile, and filling the marketplace with stores and shoppers.

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