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Crowdfunder: LURUCHA: An original children’s tale to fund a one-of-a-kind school in Peru

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Kuska School is an alternative elementary school located on a sustainable farm on Inca terraces in Ollantaytambo, Peru, near Machu Picchu.  In small multiage groups, through project-based learning, students live and come to understand the world they are a part of, the beauty of it all and their role in protecting the things that are important and working to improve the space of the world they occupy. 

It is a school that Joaquin Randall is dear to his heart and one where he would like to make a difference with the story of Lurucha.

Lurucha is a story from Randall's childhood which he's been telling friends for years. In sharing this story with Cusco artist, Braddy Romero, he agreed to illustrate it in order to make a children's book. 

This illustrated version of the story is perfect for early readers and is of universal appeal as the story is told through the pictures alone.  Randall and Romero want Lurucha to be available to as many children in the world in order to share this touching story about a child and a parrot.

Having worked with the local schools and been personally involved in the running of Kuska School, the pair thought the publication of the book would be a great way for them to contribute to the school and, in turn, provide scholarships to students that need it.

By raising sufficient funds they will be able to pay for the publishing costs of the first 2000 books, some of which they will give to donors in appreciation for contributions and have plenty more to share with children around the world that will fund scholarships and further projects.

The campaign's goal is $10,000.


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