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Crowdfunder: Making it easy for non-profits to find average “JoeVolunteer”

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Campaign:  JoeVolunteer!

There are people out there RIGHT NOW who are hurting. The homeless, sick, children, animals…and volunteers help to ease that hurt for everyone.

The problem is that too few people volunteer. JoeVolunteer is out to help fix that.

JoeVolunteer has a B.H.A.G. (Big, Hairy, Audacious, Goal) of increasing volunteerism by tenfold across the entire planet. 

One of the things that is being done to make this happen is creating the JoeVolunteer App on both iOS and Android platforms. This app is going to make it crazy-easy for Joes (their word for volunteers, because any Joe can make a difference) to hook up with worthwhile organizations that need their help.

So, wherever a person is—and whether he/she has less than an hour or more than a week to help an organization in need—the only thing needed to do to find those organizations in need is to just open their phone, where the app will list the opportunities available to them to be someone’s hero. 

The founders of JoeVolunteer are developing the app with Untitled Kingdom, a company with 8 years of experience developing world-class apps. 

They'll be working on the app for the next three or so months to get it ready to launch in their Beta market of Austin, Texas. They want to see how it works, what the bottlenecks are, what features the volunteers and organizations want to see with the app, and make sure that it works very, very well.

Then they will launch JoeVolunteer nationwide.

JoeVolunteer is going to solve a real problem in REAL time. They'll also be setting up push notifications to help with this. 

The campaign's goal is $50,000.



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