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Crowdfunder: MUSICAUSTRAL – A musical camp for young musicians to deepen their Latin-American musical identity

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Campaign: Musicaustral  — South American roots music camp


Musicaustral is a musical camp designed for young musicians to develop and/or deepen their Latin-American musical identity during a 10-day immersion in the natural context of Frutillar Bajo, Chile. They are on a mission to create musical encounters with recognized professional musicians to support artistic creativity and empower young minds.

In keeping with the legacy of the great Chilean folk icon, Violeta Parra, Musicaustral promotes Latin-American roots music from an international perspective, and works to provide access to all social classes and cultural backgrounds in order to promote diversity and to create an open exchange. Combining elements of high education with artistic and cultural activities, healthy life habits and recreation in contact with the privileged local nature.

Seven recognized musicians and teachers residing in Austria and Canada will be making their way to the south of Chile to make this project a reality. Among those are the musicians of the Canadian band Color Violeta, who have been promoting Latin American folkloric music around the world for the past five years.

The camp will be held at the end of January 2016 in Frutillar Bajo, Chile, a small village 1000 kilometers south from the capital, Santiago, renowned for its classical music tradition.

This 1st edition is designed for 10 young musicians, aged 18 to 23, selected by their musical merit. An important part of this project is to be able to grant students from low-income families a 100% scholarship. The accessible fee of $USD 250 covered by other students will cover the full scholarships. The message behind this idea is to create a sense of cooperation between different social classes. 


Every dollar pledged will go towards supporting the successful implementation of Musicaustral. The budget is already 32% funded, covered by the donation of the team of professional musicians, staff and family working to make this project a reality.  The remaining budget of $US 18,000 will be covered by two major sources: this Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign ($US 12,500), and the balance by donations from private businesses and government institutions. 

The main characteristic of the camp's learning system is the constant access and exchange with teachers dedicated to guide the student to identify his/her strength and musical potential.

The practice of yoga will be part of our daily activities. Through the systematic techniques of yoga including breathing exercises, postures, concentration, healthy meals, and relaxation we aim to provide tools to support a healthy career at the emotional and physical level.

A professional musician is exposed to a high degree of physical stress due to the demanding training, as well as mental and emotional stress due to stage performance and self-confidence issues. Yoga can help to reduce stress levels, as well as preventing injuries due to wrong postures and repetitive movements during long periods of time.

The Musicaustral team has a diverse background, Austria, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Canada and Venezuela. They have all lived and experience different cultures and countries, which has settled a clear understanding about the impact of unity in diversity.

Through the rich diversity found in Latin American roots music they want to empower young musicians minds to help them find their own musical roots. To expand their knowledge by its comprehensive rhythmic, and to dare to create intelligent musical fusions with other styles, those of their interest.

The campaign's goal is $12,500.



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