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Crowdfunder: Pop Culture and Aztec Art

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Campaign: Pop Culture and Aztec Art

“Pop Culture and Aztec Art” is a new art book San Antonio-based illustrator Emmanuel Valtierra has been working on.

The purpose of the book will be to introduce new generations to the old style of Aztec art in a very fun way using topics like: Videogames, TV Shows, Music Albums, Famous Paintings, Movies, and Cartoons. Through all these familiar depictions, Valtierra hopes people will be able to start learning some basic elements of the Aztecs and be introduced to something that little by little is disappearing in our culture.

All the art will be based on the ancient Aztec codex. His work is to match their technique in an unique way, which means that he’ll use a bit of his own style or his own touch.

He will include as much as necessary to give the old feeling and all the elements required to make it look complete and satisfactory. The book will have over 50 illustrations and more if possible.

Valtierra’s goal after funding the project is to grow as an artist in the state of Texas. Making this right will help him to take his first step into the scene of art and show the world that there are many kinds of art to be explored.

The campaign’s goal is $5,500 and ends on January 4, 2015.

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