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Crowdfunder: Understanding the world’s issues in 3 minutes

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Campaign: Three Minute Post: 3-minute videos on world issues

The founders of the Three Minute Post are graduates in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science. They have spent years studying world politics, state conflict, civil war and foreign policy and want to share their knowledge, allowing them to contribute to the global political dialogue and be engaged in a field that fascinates them.

The two met during their postgraduate studies and quickly realized they had the same goals and so created The Three Minute Post to realize this vision.

The goal of The Three Minute Post is to create a news website to help people who want to know about global issues but do not know where to start or how.

Three Minute Post videos will allow viewers to embed the information they get from the news within a deeper narrative. The videos will also bring understanding of a story up to speed, covering the foundations and crucial concepts that are involved in any given issue whilst delivering them in a palatable way.

The site will start by addressing political crises around the world but as they gain more interest the founders hope to quickly move onto environmental, economic and social issues that concern the planet.

We genuinely believe that a better and more nuanced understanding of the world can allow people to shape it more effectively. We also understands the constraints that restrict access to clear and comprehensive information, and hope to rectify this with The Three Minute Post; delivering well formatted and concise presentations in a world flooded with news ~ Francois de Nicolay, founder of Three Minute Post

The campaign’s goal is £10,000 and ends on October 25.


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