December 1, 2021

Before COVID-19 united the world in finding a cure, AIDS was the poster virus for global medical cooperation. Today is World AIDS Day ( and progress in finding a cure has been 40 years long. The goal to eradicate AIDS by 2030 remains elusive and the global medical community issues a warning; New report explains why the decline of democracy isn’t all bad; Really? In this 21st Century, there’s going to be a court case determining if requiring women to be board members is legal? Really?; New app provides access to zero waste shopping and Paraguay releases heartbreaking stats on young girls and pregnancy. Go beyond the headlines…

World AIDS Day: Is the world closer to an HIV vaccine in the face of Covid-19?

COVID-19 compounding root causes for mass migration to US: research

Democracy is declining in the U.S. but it’s not all bad news, report finds

Trial to determine if requiring women board members is legal

2021 hurricane season showed US isn’t prepared as climate-related disasters push people deeper into poverty

200,000-year-old remains of close relative to modern humans found in Siberian cave

Hurricane season ends with 21 named storms, using all the names for 2nd consecutive year

New app provides mobile access to zero waste shopping

Average of two girls aged 10 to 14 give birth daily in Paraguay, Amnesty finds

Brazil’s health regulator approves first one-pill HIV treatment

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