December 2, 2021

The conservative trek of stripping women of our right to choose is not lost on younger generations. As younger voters may see it, it’s just another red flag raising on the state of our democracy; Something disturbing is happening in Denver, Colorado alarming both scientists and residents; NASA says earth is getting a very big guest next week that could potentially wreak unwanted havoc; We’ve seen all the History series done on UFOs (or most of us have) and have heard the Pentagon repeatedly deny their existence but now the government is doing an about-face and it makes us wonder what’s changed?; and Opponents of abortion are applauding the Supreme Court’s leanings in deciding the latest abortion case but we can only hope that such an extremist view of women and pregnancy doesn’t devolve into what happened in El Salvador. The day that happens in the US would be a sad day for all women. Go beyond the headlines…

Roe v. Wade hangs in the balance

Young Americans are raising alarms about the state of U.S. democracy in a new poll

AP: US military explosives vanish, emerge in civilian world

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the New National Museum of the American Latino

It’s December and it hasn’t snowed in Denver yet. That’s never been recorded

NASA says huge, ‘potentially hazardous’ asteroid will break into Earth’s orbit next week

Pentagon creates new group to monitor and ‘mitigate’ threat from UFOs

New ItemEyes App Simplifies Managing Valuables & Keepsakes

Highline walker breaks records crossing 800-meter-high Chiapas canyon

El Salvador ‘responsible for death of woman jailed after miscarriage’

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