December 13, 2021

The devastation of the weekend’s tornadoes in Kentucky remind us that our lives and our planet are not just intertwined but on a trajectory where survival is dependent on the actions of each. Until world leaders understand that cold reality, devastation can only rise forcing more people to leave their homes (what’s left) and build where the threat is less severe. In essence creating more climate migrants. Something that the White House finds alarming in authoritarian parts of the world; How much worse is inflation making racial disparities and wealth inequality?; We all know hitting the pavement for that daily run is the anchor of a healthy lifestyle, or is it? Seems it depends on where you live; and One Mexican mayor makes a special plea for his constituents. Go beyond the headlines…

Harris announces private investments in Central America

Democrats worry their grip on Hispanic vote is loosening

Authoritarians are using migrants as weapons. The White House frets it’s on the rise

Soaring inflation could hamper Biden’s effort to narrow wealth, racial disparities

‘A way we resist’: Quilts honor victims of racial violence

Tornado outbreak offers a grim climate warning

Outdoor Workouts In High-Pollution Environments May Hurt Brain Health

MusicMatch is a new app for opening Spotify links in Apple Music, vice versa

Nicaragua cuts ties with Taiwan and pivots to China

Mexican mayor pleads with crime gangs to stop killing innocent people

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