December 10, 2021

The economy is suffering, a.k.a. people. Rising prices, extreme weather events, the end to pandemic aid are all challenging everyone. It’s enough to raise alarm among economists. That’s why over 50 economists just called on Congress to get their act together before greater damage arrives; Would you believe that America is more liberal today than 50 years ago?; Affirmative Action has long been a splinter in conservatives’ heels and do they have a Supreme Court who agrees with them?; Check out the world’s first youth map of climate injustice; and Reuter photojournalists show the aftermath of one of the most horrendous accidents claiming innocent migrants on their way to seeking a better life. Go beyond the headlines…

Over 50 economists call on Congress to ‘swiftly’ pass sweeping climate and social policy bill

America is more liberal than 50 years ago, but politics mask the shift

Prevented From Seeking Asylum at U.S. Ports, Migrants Cross Rio Grande to Have Cases Heard

Supreme Court conservatives may have their chance to end affirmative action at universities

The US is undercounting COVID deaths, researchers say. Now they have a tool to figure out why.

17 pandemic innovations that are here to stay

World’s first ‘youth map of climate injustice’

Tempest Introduces ‘Rethink,’ a New App for the Sober Curious Community

53 people die in Mexico after the packed truck they were riding in crashed

Living conditions of Brazilians has deteriorated under Bolsonaro, study says

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