December 16, 2022

Congressional Dems are working overtime to get things passed they know will be killed once the GOP takes control of the House. The latest legislation, creating a sense of urgency, has everything to do with preserving the nation’s democracy and barring a certain past president from gaining access to the White House again; Wonder why you buy things online that you might not even give a second glance if you saw them in a physical store? Psychologists explain the traps we willingly walk into; Find out if your fav song of 2022 made the list; and There’s another reason, aside from the usual, of why some migrants aren’t just walking across the MX-TX border, but racing across it; Now, for a sad announcement. For small bloggers, as myself, social media is instrumental in reaching readers. Facebook (FB) has never been a huge source of followers for Latina Lista. To be honest, I was too busy trying to get news out and the necessary constant FB promotion was not a high priority. Yet, I found unprecedented success with Twitter. Literally overnight, my followers (at its height) reached nearly 20,000 followers – a lot for me. For me, Twitter has greater value than FB but given Musk’s recent banning of journalists’ accounts I find myself facing a dilemma that I routinely used to call out of others who hesitated to do the right thing. I abhor being a hypocrite and I can’t continue to support (no matter how small my following) an individual who revels in gaslighting the public and censoring factual speech. So, for that reason, I’ll be closing the Latina Lista account at the end of the weekend. I’ll continue to post for the time being on and LL Facebook page. So sad that people gifted to do great things are so flawed to the detriment of everyone.

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