December 19, 2022

It seems Elon Musk created a Twitter poll asking users if he should leave his post as CEO of Twitter. More than 50% of users voted him out. He said he would honor it. Until he does, he hasn’t; There are few too many places left on earth to ‘conquer’ that doesn’t already belong to another country (and I’m talking staking an unclaimed claim vs. invading) but where the US used to be the ‘pioneers’ in this realm we aren’t anymore, and that’s coming with a cost; Interesting analysis: An academic explains why the ‘virgin birth’ was less of a surprise in ancient times; Think you can hide your age? Not with a new platform for age verification; and Peru is in crisis. Go beyond the headlines…

Five things to know ahead of the Jan. 6 committee’s crucial week

El Paso declares emergency ahead of expected migrant influx

A Battle for the Arctic Is Underway. And the U.S. Is Already Behind.

Wall Street may get much worse in 2023 before getting better

Why early Christians wouldn’t have found the Christmas story’s virgin birth so surprising

Possible new ways to continue growing coffee in a changing climate

What is Occam’s razor?

Technology for anonymous age verification

Mexico in Numbers: Just how big is Mexico City?

Peru is in crisis. How did it happen?

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