December 15, 2022

A disturbing report just released highlights the very real danger to pregnant women, and those in the delivery room, since the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade. The worst part – it didn’t have to be this way; Latino leaders are urging Dems to do SOMETHING about DACA in these last few weeks of a Dem majority, but is there political will?; Even those of us who support undocumented migrants have to admit that the humanitarian crisis happening along the US-MX border, especially in El Paso, TX, is not solved by allowing thousands into the country. It’s time to seriously address the growing crisis, since analysts feel this is only the beginning of mass migration spurred by climate crisis and the growth of authoritarian leaders; Mexico still holds the shameful distinction of being the deadliest country for journalists outside war zones; and Scientists discovered an unexpected danger in ancient Mayan cities. Go beyond the headlines…

Maternal and infant death rates are higher in states that ban or restrict abortion, report says

Latino leaders press Senate for DACA protections in lame-duck session

In El Paso, migrants are sleeping on the streets after thousands crossed the border last weekend

White House to restart free Covid home test program

Google releases most searched for Christmas cookies by state

US firearm death trends revealed over four decades

Nasa mission will give unprecedented view of Earth’s surface water

WisdomTree to Offer 10 ‘Digital Funds’ Through New Mobile App

Mexico is still the deadliest country for journalists outside of war zones

Scientists Discover an Unexpected Danger Lurking in Ancient Mayan Cities

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