December 20, 2022

Word is that the ‘reasonable’ Republicans are backing away from voicing public support of their fallen-from-grace MAGA leader. While the Jan. 6 committee’s criminal referrals may not influence the DOJ, as they claim it won’t, it’s at least having a chilling effect on the lovefest Trump has enjoyed among politicians in his party. But the bigger question is, will it last?; The FBI is warning parents of an explosion of a disturbing trend among kids and teens; Who are THE DREAMERS?; Economists are laying their cards on the table and predicting what’s coming in 2023; and A new app aims to help users make money from TikTok. Go beyond the headlines…

Read the January 6 committee’s damning summary of Trump’s election subversion efforts

Suspense builds at border over future of US asylum rules

FBI warns of explosion of “sextortion” schemes targeting kids and teens

How neighbors in the borderlands fought back against Arizona’s Gov. Doug Ducey’s illegal wall — and won

Breakdown of Dreamer Populations — Both With and Without DACA

Inflation, unemployment, the housing crisis and a possible recession: Two economists forecast what’s ahead in 2023

Mosquitoes May Transfer Bacteria To Humans And Household Surfaces

The New App That Helps You Make Money From TikTok: What Is Swaypay?

Popocatépetl activity triggers higher level volcanic alert

US seeks to bolster Ecuador ties as China expands regional role

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