December 20, 2021

As we start a week that has long been characterized as a time to spread peace, love and joy, several ex-army generals deliver an ominous warning for the nation; It’s a good thing Mexico has been so agreeable to host asylum-seekers to the US because the situation is worsening; Too many house hunters are beaten out of their dream homes by cash-offer buyers. Now, a new program aims to even the playing field; Hope keeps ‘melting’ away thanks to climate change; and One teen gives his sister the gift of voice with a special app. Go beyond the headlines…

Ex-Army Generals Fear Insurrection or ‘Civil War’ in 2024

More Asylum-Seekers Are Being Forced To Wait In Mexico Under A Restarted Trump-Era Program

Democrats mull hardball tactics to leapfrog parliamentarian on immigration

New housing program lets some make cash offer for homes, even when they don’t have it upfront

Kids books are biased towards male protagonists

The ‘runner’s high’ may result from molecules called cannabinoids – the body’s own version of THC and CBD

Himalayan glaciers melting at an ‘exceptional’ rate because of global warming, study finds

Texas teen couldn’t speak with his sister, so he created an app to give her a voice

Monarch butterfly numbers are up this year at Mexico’s largest sanctuary

Leftist Gabriel Boric elected Chile’s youngest-ever president

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