December 22, 2020

Overnight, the nation’s unemployed got a something-is-better-than-nothing reprieve from Congress. However, as all legislation does, the relief bill had a few ‘extras.’ One was a bonus for Latinos that many see as a “historic moment” marking national acknowledgement of our historical presence and contributions; The Senate’s passage of the Covid relief bill may be a godsend on one hand but on the other it just drilled down the point – you better not get sick with it; Could a Texas court case still imperil DACA?; Scientists warn that the threshold for dangerous climate warming isn’t that far off; and One country in the world is deemed the most dangerous for journalists. Go beyond the headlines…

‘Historic moment’: Congress passes legislation to create national Latino museum

Mitch McConnell Successfully Blocked Mandatory Paid Leave For Workers With COVID

Court case in Texas shows DACA program remains under peril

‘Already Behind’: Diversifying The Legal Profession Starts Before The LSAT

Will new coronavirus relief package be enough? Black and Latino landlords could lose big

COVID’s ‘untold story’: Texas Blacks and Latinos are dying in the prime of their lives

Threshold for dangerous climate warming will likely be crossed between 2027–2042

Decades of Satellite Data Reveal One-Third of US Rivers Changing Their Color

Duluth college student puts logic, science into skiing app

Spanish archeologists unearth women victims of the Spanish Civil War

Mexico world’s deadliest country for journalists, new report finds

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