December 21, 2020

While the Trump administration is becoming more unhinged with each passing day, according to media reports, thankfully, some in Congress are stepping up their game by actually passing some bills — though it did take Congress 26 years to reverse a stupid ban that could have helped thousands of incarcerated men and women; So, Lópex Obrador got off his high horse and actually had a constructive talk with Biden about the future of immigration policy; Don’t miss the stupendous celestial event happening tonight; Climate change is real and it’s now impacting dolphins in devastating ways; and New app creates social platforms for adventure seekers. Go beyond the headlines…

Congress clinches deal to restore Pell grants for prisoners 26 years after ban

How one city is building vaccine trust in Black and Latinx communities

Biden and Mexico’s López Obrador discuss “new approach” to migration issues

A catchy, Spanglish version of ‘Georgia on My Mind’ calls on Latinos to vote in the runoffs

You Want To Move? Some Cities Will Pay You $10,000 To Relocate

Jupiter, Saturn merging in night sky, closest in centuries

Devastating skin disease covering up to 70% of a dolphin’s body tied to climate change

Creators of new app want to help you connect with others and do something fun in 2021

Costa Rica at forefront of coffee experimentation: Anaerobic coffee

Ecuador: High Levels of Sexual Violence in Schools

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